the dynamics of 9-5


Much to my chagrin, I am at work on a Saturday.  I normally do the 9-5 M-F thing, but circumstances beyond my control have found me to be sitting at my desk on a day I would normally be sleeping.  That, or perusing the farmers’ market for some challah bread for some cinnamon raisin french toast.  I don’t work for the proverbial “man”, though, so I am okay with picking  up the slack once and a while. 

Probably the worst part about working on Saturday is that I won’t see my gtalk regulars.  Gtalk, coupled with facebook and google reader, is a very important part of my work day.  I have people in different time zones that round out the work day nicely; it keeps the conversations fresh.

In the morning, I have my east coast people.  There are a select few that are online when I get in to work, and round out my chatting until lunch tme.

At noon, it’s 9am west coast time.  Stephanie Leung arrives at work and we chat until she leaves to take lunch.  Luckily, Laura Davis usually signs on (since she typically works 12n-8pm west coast time) and helps to finish my work day. 

Gtalk is not just a instant messenger – it is a science. 

I want to do more with my blog.

I really like the internet, social media, and, in general, things that bring people together.  I want to eventually expand this blog, and I have think I have figured out a starting point for it.  It includes: