over a blizzard

Unless you were living under a rock this weekend, you probably saw the massive amounts of snow that the MD/DC area received.  It was a doozy, let me tell you.  The final count was around 26inches and left me confined to my apartment Friday through Sunday.

Since I was home (and no one lives in my neighborhood anymore, boo hoo!),  I worked nearly the entire weekend on art related stuff.  It was nice.  I was productive.  Two things:

The beginning of a God Bless the Tigers piece, for a band called the All Outs.  They are local to Oakland!

Another illustration for the Aimee Bender story, End of the Line.  You know about the little man? That’s him.

One week until the launch of Brown Paper Bag!


over my holiday weekend

Hopefully everyone had a nice Christmas (if that’s your thing), and holiday weekend!  It’s always nice to have a three-day weekend, no?

This past weekend I was flying to Kansas City, which had a terrible snow storm.  The snow started on the day of my travel.  I flew from Baltimore to Chicago, then was supposed to have a lay-over in Chicago and fly to KC from there.  By the time I made it to Chicago, however, my flight to KC was CANCELED due to bad weather.  Groggy and frustrated, I flew BACK to Baltimore that same night and then the next morning proceeded to fly back to Kansas City from Baltimore.  This time it actually happened!

One of the things I received this Christmas was a new digital camera.  It’s a Sony Cybershot with a wide-angle lens and a whole mess of other manual settings for me to play around with.

Some things the weekend included:

Hanging out with my parent’s dogs, Maddie and Lola.

Trapesing around in snow.  SO MUCH SNOW.  It effectivly ruined many my plans.

I am also excited about this book.  I need to look through it carefully.  I’ll write more about this tomorrow.

It was nice to land in Baltimore last night and see NO SNOW on the ground.   Snow and I are done professionally.

over the snowy weekend

Over the weekend…

I am working on making graphics for all the different themed-days that I post on.  UNFORTUNATELY, my Wacom tablet pen broke (for reasons unbeknown to me), so I really can’t do any work on the computer until I have a replacement.  I looked up the price of a Wacom pen.  $60!!! WAHH!!!!!!

Friday/Saturday was the big snowstorm that all the news was talking about.  It started around 10:30PM Friday night, and when I wanted to leave my apartment at 10:30AM on Saturday, my car looked like this:

Final snow count was around 21 inches.  On Sunday I tried to get my car out, but the snow plow had blocked it in.  Luckily, with the help of some strangers, I was able to free my poor car.

Now, for some work… This piece is my collaboration with Stephanie Leung – the first phase.  Another band poster – for the Bowerbirds.  If you haven’t listened to them, you should!  They have one of my favorite albums out this year.

Our collaborative efforts are called God Bless the Tigers… we’ll have a website soon and have a better and newer version of our blog.  Look for it soon!