chair ridden

Ran the Baltimore half-marathon yesterday and suffered (well, two) injuries halfway through the race. To remedy this, I am now chair-ridden for the next couple of weeks. It blows, but I did finish this little piece yesterday:

embroidery body

I’m jazzed where the rest of the piece is going. Bought some additional embroidery thread on Friday, much to my excitement.

The race did not go as expected, needless to say. The first 6 miles were great – my pace was about where I wanted it, and I ran well with the knowledge that the last 3 miles (a half marathon is 13.1 miles) would be a gentle decent and I could make up any extra time I had added before then.

Around mile 6, I felt a tear in my right hip. It wasn’t just a pull – the pain was sharp and instantaneous. I kept running, trying to power through. Around mile 8, I felt the same sensation. The last two miles were a limp-run. I realized I could still have a decent time if I just kept running, so I did. I finished about 6 minutes slower than I really wanted to (1:51:33), which works out to be about 8:30 a mile. All in all, not bad, but I still cried like a little babby after the race (mostly out of frustration).

I did feel better when a friend pointed out that my finish was in the top 7% of females for that race, so really all my ill feelings are all in vain. It could have been so much worse. This video kept running through my head the last half:


we used to wait

This weekend was sort of exhausting, but fun. Road tripped to Brooklyn with one of my best friends and visited two of my favorite people. FINALLY bought a new Monroe piercing that fit properly, and took the Olive Garden Never-Ending Pasta Challenge with Missy. Also ordered a bottle of wine at the table of the Olive Garden, because, why not?

Traffic back to Baltimore was awful, especially around the Delaware/MD border. A trip that should have taken 3.5 hours took 5. Needless to say, I was ready to decompress, but not before finishing this:

World outside

Conceptually, I like the stuff outside the “cave” I’ve put this character in, but I think I don’t like that stuff outside as much. It’s growing on me, I think. What do YOU think?

day of birth

Here’s a new piece that I started this week:

Hill - Progress

It’s also my birthday. I am a twin, so it’s his birthday too. Happy birthday, brother Barnes! The day has started out swimmingly with a midnight phone call from one of my very best friends.

Tonight all I want to do is relax at home and work on some art. Tomorrow party.

over the weekend

Finished this over the weekend:

Buried - raw edge

Buried - cropped

and a detail:

Detail - Buried

My original plan was to have a cropped, clean edge on this image. After doing that, I find I like the raw edges much more. What do you think?

heerrooo, fall

Well, I went away for two weeks and came back to the beginning of fall in Baltimore.

The Vermont Studio Center was beautiful and secluded and exactly what I needed.  I was able to indulge my workaholic tendencies and be in the studio all day, everyday. I also went running, which was INSANE.  You see, Johnson, Vermont is in a valley.  The only place to run is up.  I ran so many hills!  I did a 9mile run that had multiple half-mile hills tacked on to it.  Beautiful scenery, but a frustrating run.

A few choice pictures.  (You can see more on my Flickr)

a mass, masked

cut out

my favorite sign

Also, remember when I posted about the Bumbershoot Arts and Music Festival?  Installed pieces below.  I am really pleased with how they turned out!

Seattle Street Biennial 2010

Seattle Street Biennial 2010

I was feeling renewed to be able to have these couple weeks of focus, in addition to return to Baltimore with all the freelance stuff taken care of.  The Friday before I left Vermont, however, I got an email about a project that had never been finished and now needs to be worked on.  Guess that’s the way it goes, eh?


I’ve been working on this for awhile.  More of not actually working, but thinking about working, sketching on tracing paper, hemming and hawwing over what to do and scolding myself for such a weak inital concept.

Isn’t art great??

I finally got around to working on this piece last night.  I like where it is headed, but I want to add some minor stitching to the top arms/shapes.  I am actually happy with how it turned out, at least I am so far.  I love using unusual shapes for pieces.  I’ve never been someone who can work in a rectangle very well.

I want to have 15 pieces done for grad school portfolio.  This is my… 7th?  I will challenge myself to do it.  I have two weeks of unadulterated art-making, so let’s see what I can do with that.  I am trying to get all my ideas flushed out for that period of time so I can just MAKE while I’m there, and not worry as much about sketching.

part fin

This will soon make sense.

I’ve decided that for my Vermont residency, I will recycle an old moleskin.  I need to prepare all the pages.  Excitement!